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Category: By Cicli Passione da Raffa
Cinelli Model 15 Steel in Perfect Shape! (140 Euro)
The most beautiful track bars ever! Lovely Shape and super cool! The chrome is in great shape as are the crested badge! No pitting in the chrome.
26mm stem clamp

Cinelli Steel Track Bars Model 15 on Titan Track Stem (220 Euro)
The most sought after bar wraped up with Benotto Blood red tape stuck to the rarest of them all Titan Track Stem. All in great condition, the bars shows wear in the chrome.

38cm ctc
90mm stem

standard stem fork clamp

3ttt Racing Team SL on 3TTT Titanium Pro Stem (100 Euro)

A super light set up, bars weighting at an impressive 210g and the stem only 215g. You won't find anything lighter for your classic steel weight weenie project. A must for any titanium fan.

40mm ctc bars
130mm stem

Cinelli Model 65 Criterium Track Shape 38cm, 40cm and 42cm Used (25 Euro)

Lovely bars a classic that look great on a track iron or a road Colnago. I have loads in grooved or ungrooved models please ask!

Loads of sizes
26.2mm Stem Clamp